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Once Upon a time...

Kidcasso Art Studio began with the goal of teaching fine and processed based art to children in a loving, creative and safe environment. Our art studio is dedicated to providing kids from 1 to 18 years old a space to play, create, explore and discover. At Kidcasso, we believe that all children are artists with a unique story to tell. Our programs allow students to create one-of-a-kind works of art, while building self-confidence, promoting teamwork and enhancing communication. Our space reflects the values that we live by in our homes and communities. We want Kidcasso to be our students’ home away from home.   See, Create and Love Art with us today.

Our Philosophy

Art studio

We believe that the creative process comes from within, but is truly fostered in a setting that encourages growth, change, and self-discovery. We believe that creativity is a result of the exploration of human senses and emotion. For instance, when an artist creates art they try to search for a deeper meaning behind the “why”.


To help foster learning, reflection and the creative process in our students, Kidcasso allows for constant change and the reformation of ideas. We provide our students with meaningful educational experiences that will propel them as artists.

The learning environment that Kidcasso provides for its students – of all levels – is one that is engaging and thought provoking. By surrounding budding artists with an enlightening environment, Kidcasso not only empowers their creativity but also builds upon their strengths and brings strength to their weaknesses. Kidcasso provides structure but the program is simultaneously supportive, free and independent.

We feel that it is essential for art students to make a strong connection between themselves and their art and to understand how it can greatly affect the wider population. It is our hope to instill in students a strong sense of respect and tolerance for others. A sense of studio ownership, teamwork, and self-motivation is paramount here at Kidcasso.

Laura-Marie Small


Welcome to Kidcasso!  “The idea of Kidcasso Art Studio began with a rainbow filled box of crayons in the hands of a petite girl…”


I was diagnosed with a language-based learning disability at age 8 and was told “NO” more times than I could count. As a 8th grader I was told that I would not go to college, as a Senior at Fairfield University I was told that my creative ideas would never amount if I did not focus, as an applicant to Emerson College for graduate studies I was told that my language-based learning disability may cause me to fall behind…in 2005 I proudly graduated from Nazareth College in Rochester, NY with a Masters Degree in Art Education.  I then went on to teach in public education where I once again heard the word, “NO”, my program and position of Art Teacher was in jeopardy of being eliminated.  I have fallen more times than I can count...only to climb up the ladder again and again. 


In 2007 I created and built Kidcasso Art Studio. A studio where all learners could explore, create, and imagine. A teaching environment where educators are held to high standards and are trusted for their experience and creative knowledge. A small business that is rooted in family and community. I am blessed to have my husband, Chris, and our two wild boys by my side and very lucky to have my sister and Head Art Educator, Ms. Emily Seeberg, on my other side keeping me grounded and sane. I can’t function without Starbucks Coffee, dancing, or laughing, and most importantly family and dear friends.

Sally Armsden

Art Educator

After creating a large collage for the first time in camp as a child I became obsessed with cutting out and manipulating images I saw in books, magazines, and newspapers to express a feeling. After studying fine art in college, I combined paint and collage to make vibrant and abstract pieces of mixed-media art. While making art at home, I worked as a graphic designer for many years. After taking time off to have my kids, my passion for creating with and teaching art to children blossomed. I knew my purpose in life was to help children express themselves through art, inspire children through my love of art, and teach children so that their love for art grows. I am an artist, a mom, an art educator. I am Kidcasso.


Emily Seeberg

Head Art Educator

Hi! I am the Head Educator at Kidcasso and sister to owner/founder, Laura-Marie Small. From a young age, I was drawn to the arts and could constantly be found drawing or painting whenever I had a moment to myself. Even then, I knew I would become a teacher, which led me to graduate with a degree in Early Childhood Education from John Carroll University in Cleveland, OH. I have worked at Kidcasso for over 10 years and continue to find so much joy in seeing the same love for art and creativity among my students. When I'm not in the studio creating, I enjoy playing drums and discovering new music.

Christine Silva

Art Educator

Hello! I first joined the Kidcasso team early fall of 2017. I graduated from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Delaware College of Art and Design. I started my art journey studying more traditionally but quickly found a passion for mixed media art and teaching. After school I taught at a couple different studios focusing either on canvas painting, woodworking or clay. What I love most about Kidcasso is that we encourage students to explore and discover new ways to create and truly enjoy the process!

Chris Small

Chief Operating Officer

Hello! I am a jack of all trades and support the Kidcasso business by running the back office, inclusive of operations and finance. While my passion lies in music (graduate of Berklee College of Music), I continue to have a broader love of the arts. And of course being a supportive husband, I am there behind the scenes to make sure the business continues to run smoothly. 

Special Thanks to:

Stephanie Goryl

Photographer/ Owner Stephanie Goryl Photography


Kelly Williams

Graphic Designer/Owner Kelistic Designs

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